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Scuba Diving Services

select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>(dam or dams)
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>(drydock? or dry<>dock?)
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>(pipe? or pipeline?)
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>bridge?
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>clean*
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>commercial
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>construction
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>dock?
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>inspect*
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>instruct*
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>marine
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>pier?
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>piling?
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>repair*
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>service?
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>sonar
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>survey*
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>weld*
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>(dam or dams)
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>(drydock? or dry<>dock?)
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>(pipe? or pipeline?)
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>bridge?
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>clean*
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>commercial
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>construction
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>dock?
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>inspect*
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>instruct*
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>maintenance
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>marine
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>pier?
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>piling?
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>repair*
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>service?
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>sonar
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>survey*
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>weld*
select hull<>clean*
select marine<1u>demolition?
select marine<1u>salvage
select scuba<2u>(dam or dams)
select scuba<2u>(drydock? or dry<>dock?)
select scuba<2u>(pipe? or pipeline?)
select scuba<2u>bridge?
select scuba<2u>clean*
select scuba<2u>commercial
select scuba<2u>construction
select scuba<2u>dock?
select scuba<2u>inspect*
select scuba<2u>instruct*
select scuba<2u>maintenance
select scuba<2u>marine
select scuba<2u>pier?
select scuba<2u>piling?
select scuba<2u>repair*
select scuba<2u>service?
select scuba<2u>sonar
select scuba<2u>survey*
select scuba<2u>weld*

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Security Services

select accident<2u>reconstruction* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select bodyguard?<1u>(svc? or service?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select (building? or bldg?)<2u>(safety or secur*)<2u>monitor*
select (building? or bldg?)<2u>(safety or secur*)<2u>surveil*
select ccw<2u>(train* or instruct* or teach*) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select crowd<>control?<2u>(svc? or service?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select defensive<2u>tactic*<2u>train* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select detective?<1u>(service? or svc?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select executive?<1u>protect* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select firearm?<2u>(train* or instruct* or teach*) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select gate?<2u>attendant? and cat:m,r,s
select gate?<2u>guard? and cat:m,r,s
select guard?<2u>private and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select guard?<2u>protect* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select guard?<2u>special<>event? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select guard?<2u>(svc? or service?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select gun?<2u>safety<2u>(train* or instruct* or teach*) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select investigat*<1u>officer? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select investigat*<1u>personnel and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select investigat*<1u>(service? or svc?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select (k<>9 or k9? or canine? or dog?)<2u>handler? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select (k<>9 or k9? or canine? or dog?)<2u>trainer? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select lie<2u>detector? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select naics!561612
select patrol?<2u>(svc? or service?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select physical<2u>secur*<2u>protect*
select polygraph<2u>exam* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select protect*<1u>(service? or svc?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>guard? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>investigat* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>monitor* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>officer? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>patrol? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>personnel and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>protect* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>training? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<>guard? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<>(service? or svc?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select title:armed<1u>attendant?
select title:armed<1u>bodyguard?
select title:armed<1u>guard?
select title:armed<1u>officer?
select title:armed<1u>patrol?
select title:armed<1u>protect*
select title:armed<1u>security
select title:armed<1u>service?
select title:background?<2u>check* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select title:background?<2u>investig* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select title:background?<2u>screen* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select title:unarmed<1u>attendant?
select title:unarmed<1u>bodyguard?
select title:unarmed<1u>guard?
select title:unarmed<1u>officer?
select title:unarmed<1u>patrol?
select title:unarmed<1u>protect*
select title:unarmed<1u>security
select title:unarmed<1u>service?
select title:uniform*<1u>attendant? and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>bodyguard? and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>guard? and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>officer? and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>patrol? and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>protect* and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>security and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>service? and not cat:84
select undercover?<2u>(svc? or service?) and cat:r,s
select weapon?<2u>(train* or instruct* or teach*) and cat:g,m,r,s,99

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Security Systems

select (intrud* or intrusion?)<2u>alarm?
select (intrud* or intrusion?)<2u>detect*
select 24<>7<1u>monitor*
select alarm?<1u>system?
select alarm?<2u>detect*
select alarm?<2u>signal?<2u>security
select burglar*<1u>alarm?
select burglar*<1u>detect*
select door?<1u>alarm?
select door?<1u>sensor*
select elevator?<1u>(phone? or telephone?)<1u>alarm?
select entry<>point?<1u>alarm?
select entry<>point?<1u>sensor*
select fire<1u>alarm?
select fire<1u>detect*
select fire?<2u>sprinkler?
select flood?<1u>alarm?
select flood?<1u>sensor*
select glass<>break*<1u>alarm?
select glass<>break*<1u>sensor*
select high<>temperatur*<1u>alarm?
select high<>temperatur*<1u>sensor*
select low<>temperatur*<1u>alarm?
select low<>temperatur*<1u>sensor*
select motion?<2u>detect*
select motion?<2u>sensor*
select perimeter?<2u>protect*
select perimeter?<2u>sensor*
select security<2u>(cctv or closed<>circuit<>(tv? or television?))
select security<2u>(keycard? or card?)<1u>access*
select security<2u>badge?<1u>access*
select security<2u>device?
select security<2u>maint* and cat:42,63,67,j,n
select security<2u>monitor* and cat:42,63,67,j,n
select security<2u>system? and cat:42,63,67,j,n
select security<2u>upgrad? and cat:42,63,67,j,n
select security<2u>video?
select video?<1u>surveillance
select window?<1u>alarm?
select window?<1u>sensor*
select wireless<1u>alarm?

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Screenprinting Services

restrict cat:72,73,75,76,78,82,83,84,85,99,s,t,r
select (screenprint* or screen?<>print*)<2u>(servic* or svc?)
select (screenprint* or screen?<>print*)<2u>stencil?
select (silkscreen* or silk<>screen*)<2u>(servic* or svc?)
select (silkscreen* or silk<>screen*)<2u>stencil?
select apparel<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select apparel<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select apparel?<2u>sublimation
select apron?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select apron?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select cloth*<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select cloth*<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select cloth*<2u>sublimation
select custom*<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select custom*<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select direct<2u>ublimation
select fabric*<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select fabric*<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select garment*<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select garment*<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select garment?<2u>sublimation
select logo?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select logo?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select pants<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select pants<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select polyester?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select polyester?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select promotional?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select promotional?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select screen*<1u>print*<2u>(servic* or svc?)
select shirt?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select shirt?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select sport<>wear?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select sport?<>wear?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select sublimation<2u>(service? or svc?)
select sublimation<2u>print*
select sweatshirt?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select sweatshirt?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select textile?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select textile?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select ti:(screenprint* or screen?<>print*)
select ti:(silkscreen* or silk<>screen*)
select transfer*<2u>sublimation

See also: Promotional Items

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Note: By adding the following keywords to your profile you will match on any and all articles that are set-aside for small business concerns. From furniture contracts, to aircraft components to janitorial services. Generally speaking you will not want to add these keywords to your search profile unless the profile is restricted to certain Federal Supply Groups that pertain to your business. To learn more about set-aside terminology please refer to this FAQ

select (hubzone or hub<>zone)<1u>small<>business
select disadvantg*<1u>small<>business
select (setaside? or set?<>aside?)<3u>(8a or 8<>a)
select (setaside? or set?<>aside?)<3u>(hubzone or hub<>zone)
select (setaside? or set?<>aside?)<3u>edwosb
select (setaside? or set?<>aside?)<3u>sdvosb
select (setaside? or set?<>aside?)<3u>service<>disabled<>veteran<>owned
select (setaside? or set?<>aside?)<3u>small<>business
select (setaside? or set<>aside?)<3u>small<>disadvantag*
select (setaside? or set?<>aside?)<3u>swam
select (setaside? or set?<>aside?)<3u>veteran<>owned
select (setaside? or set?<>aside?)<3u>vosb
select (setaside? or set?<>aside?)<3u>woman<>owned<>small
select (setaside? or set?<>aside?)<3u>wosb
select subcontracting<>goal?<3u>(8a or 8<>a)
select subcontracting<>goal?<3u>(hubzone or hub<>zone)
select subcontracting<>goal?<3u>edwosb
select subcontracting<>goal?<3u>sdvosb
select subcontracting<>goal?<3u>service<>disabled<>veteran<>owned
select subcontracting<>goal?<3u>small<>business
select subcontracting<>goal?<3u>small<>disadvantag*
select subcontracting<>goal?<3u>veteran<>owned
select subcontracting<>goal?<3u>vosb
select subcontracting<>goal?<3u>woman<>owned<>small
select subcontracting<>goal?<3u>wosb
select utilization<1u>small<>business<>concern?
select woman<>owned<1u>small<>business

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restrict not cat:q,65-68
select (art? or artist* or artwork)<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select (road? or roadway?)<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select (trail? or trailhead?)<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select (wayfind* or way<>find*)<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select advertis*<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select airfield<1u>(sign? or signage)
select exit<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select exterior<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select interior<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select install*<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select led<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select manufactur*<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select reflect*<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select replac*<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select stair*<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select ti:(sign? or signage?) and cat:,f,k,n,74-99
select traffic?<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select transportation?<1u>(sign? or signage?)

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Snow and Ice Removal

select cat:s and salting
select cat:s and title:snow
select ice<2u>(plow or plowing)
select ice<2u>(treat* or pretreat*)
select ice<1u>clean*
select ice<2u>clear*
select ice<1u>control
select ice<2u>plow*
select ice<2u>push*
select ice<2u>remov*
select ice<2u>salt*
select ice<2u>sand*
select ice<2u>shovel*
select salt*<2u>(service? or svc?)
select salt*<2u>plow*
select snow<2u>(plow or plowing)
select snow<2u>(treat* or pretreat*)
select snow<2u>clean*
select snow<2u>clear*
select snow<2u>control
select snow<2u>plow*
select snow<2u>push*
select snow<2u>remov*
select snow<2u>salt*
select snow<2u>sand*
select snow<2u>shovel*

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Sports Equipment

select air<>hockey?
select base<>ball? or baseball?
select basketball? or basket<>ball?
select batting<>cage?
select batting<>glove?
select batting<>helmet?
select billiard?<1u>(equip* or suppl*)
select billiard?<1u>ball?
select billiard?<1u>table?
select boules
select bowling<>ball?
select bowling<>pin?
select catcher?<>helmet?
select catcher?<>mitt?
select climbing<>wall?
select competition*<1u>flying<1u>(disk? or disc?)
select cricket<1u>(equip* or suppl*)
select cricket<1u>ball?
select cricket<1u>bat?
select cricket<1u>net?
select dodgeball? or dodge<>ball?
select exercise<>ball?
select field<1u>hockey
select foot<>ball? or football?
select frisbee?
select golf<>ball?
select golf<>club?
select golf<>iron?
select golf<>putter?
select handball? or hand<>ball?
select hockey<1u>(equip* or suppl*)
select hockey<>puck?
select hockey<>stick?
select hockey<>table?
select hockey?<1u>glove?
select hockey?<1u>pad?
select hockey?<1u>protect*
select hockey?<1u>skate?
select ice<>hockey?
select inline<1u>hockey
select jumprope? or jump<>rope?
select jungle<>gym
select korfball? or korf<>ball?
select lacross?
select lawn<1u>bowl*
select medicine<>ball?
select neck<>guard?
select racquetball? or racquet<>ball?
select rink<1u>hockey
select roller<1u>hockey
select roller<>skate? or rollerskate?
select rugby
select shin<>guard?
select soccer*
select soft<>ball? or softball?
select sport?<1u>(equip* or suppl*)
select tabletennis or table<>tennis
select tennis<1u>ball?
select tennis<1u>racquet?
select tetherball?
select volley<>ball? or volleyball?
select water<>polo<1u>ball?
select wrestling<>mat?

See also: Athletic & Fitness Equipment

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Stone Hauling Services

ignore little<>rock
select (riprap? or rip<>rap?)<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select (riprap? or rip<>rap?)<2u>(haul or hauling)
select (riprap? or rip<>rap?)<2u>(truck or trucking)
select (riprap? or rip<>rap?)<2u>transport*
select (soil? or topsoil?)<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select (soil? or topsoil?)<2u>(haul or hauling)
select (soil? or topsoil?)<2u>(truck or trucking)
select (soil? or topsoil?)<2u>transport*
select aggregate?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select aggregate?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select aggregate?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select aggregate?<2u>transport*
select asphalt?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select asphalt?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select asphalt?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select asphalt?<2u>transport*
select clay?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select clay?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select clay?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select clay?<2u>transport*
select concrete?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select concrete?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select concrete?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select concrete?<2u>transport*
select gravel?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select gravel?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select gravel?<2u>transport*
select gravelsand?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select hauling<1u>trucking
select rock?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select rock?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select rock?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select rock?<2u>transport*
select salt?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select salt?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select salt?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select salt?<2u>transport*
select sand?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select sand?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select sand?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select sand?<2u>transport*
select stone?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select stone?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select stone?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select stone?<2u>transport*

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