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Scuba Diving Services

select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>(dam or dams)
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>(drydock? or dry<>dock?)
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>(pipe? or pipeline?)
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>bridge?
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>clean*
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>commercial
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>construction
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>dock?
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>inspect*
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>instruct*
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>marine
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>pier?
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>piling?
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>repair*
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>service?
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>sonar
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>survey*
select (dive or diver or divers or diving)<2u>weld*
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>(dam or dams)
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>(drydock? or dry<>dock?)
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>(pipe? or pipeline?)
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>bridge?
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>clean*
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>commercial
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>construction
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>dock?
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>inspect*
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>instruct*
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>maintenance
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>marine
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>pier?
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>piling?
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>repair*
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>service?
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>sonar
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>survey*
select (underwater or under<>water)<2u>weld*
select hull<>clean*
select marine<1u>demolition?
select marine<1u>salvage
select scuba<2u>(dam or dams)
select scuba<2u>(drydock? or dry<>dock?)
select scuba<2u>(pipe? or pipeline?)
select scuba<2u>bridge?
select scuba<2u>clean*
select scuba<2u>commercial
select scuba<2u>construction
select scuba<2u>dock?
select scuba<2u>inspect*
select scuba<2u>instruct*
select scuba<2u>maintenance
select scuba<2u>marine
select scuba<2u>pier?
select scuba<2u>piling?
select scuba<2u>repair*
select scuba<2u>service?
select scuba<2u>sonar
select scuba<2u>survey*
select scuba<2u>weld*

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Security Services

select accident<2u>reconstruction* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select bodyguard?<1u>(svc? or service?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select (building? or bldg?)<2u>(safety or secur*)<2u>monitor*
select (building? or bldg?)<2u>(safety or secur*)<2u>surveil*
select ccw<2u>(train* or instruct* or teach*) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select crowd<>control?<2u>(svc? or service?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select defensive<2u>tactic*<2u>train* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select detective?<1u>(service? or svc?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select executive?<1u>protect* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select firearm?<2u>(train* or instruct* or teach*) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select gate?<2u>attendant? and cat:m,r,s
select gate?<2u>guard? and cat:m,r,s
select guard?<2u>private and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select guard?<2u>protect* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select guard?<2u>special<>event? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select guard?<2u>(svc? or service?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select gun?<2u>safety<2u>(train* or instruct* or teach*) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select investigat*<1u>officer? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select investigat*<1u>personnel and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select investigat*<1u>(service? or svc?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select (k<>9 or k9? or canine? or dog?)<2u>handler? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select (k<>9 or k9? or canine? or dog?)<2u>trainer? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select lie<2u>detector? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select naics!561612
select patrol?<2u>(svc? or service?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select physical<2u>secur*<2u>protect*
select polygraph<2u>exam* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select protect*<1u>(service? or svc?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>guard? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>investigat* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>monitor* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>officer? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>patrol? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>personnel and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>protect* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<2u>training? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<>guard? and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select security<>(service? or svc?) and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select title:armed<1u>attendant?
select title:armed<1u>bodyguard?
select title:armed<1u>guard?
select title:armed<1u>officer?
select title:armed<1u>patrol?
select title:armed<1u>protect*
select title:armed<1u>security
select title:armed<1u>service?
select title:background?<2u>check* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select title:background?<2u>investig* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select title:background?<2u>screen* and cat:g,m,r,s,99
select title:unarmed<1u>attendant?
select title:unarmed<1u>bodyguard?
select title:unarmed<1u>guard?
select title:unarmed<1u>officer?
select title:unarmed<1u>patrol?
select title:unarmed<1u>protect*
select title:unarmed<1u>security
select title:unarmed<1u>service?
select title:uniform*<1u>attendant? and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>bodyguard? and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>guard? and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>officer? and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>patrol? and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>protect* and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>security and not cat:84
select title:uniform*<1u>service? and not cat:84
select undercover?<2u>(svc? or service?) and cat:r,s
select weapon?<2u>(train* or instruct* or teach*) and cat:g,m,r,s,99

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Security Systems

select (intrud* or intrusion?)<2u>alarm?
select (intrud* or intrusion?)<2u>detect*
select 24<>7<1u>monitor*
select alarm?<1u>system?
select alarm?<2u>detect*
select alarm?<2u>signal?<2u>security
select burglar*<1u>alarm?
select burglar*<1u>detect*
select door?<1u>alarm?
select door?<1u>sensor*
select elevator?<1u>(phone? or telephone?)<1u>alarm?
select entry<>point?<1u>alarm?
select entry<>point?<1u>sensor*
select fire<1u>alarm?
select fire<1u>detect*
select fire?<2u>sprinkler?
select flood?<1u>alarm?
select flood?<1u>sensor*
select glass<>break*<1u>alarm?
select glass<>break*<1u>sensor*
select high<>temperatur*<1u>alarm?
select high<>temperatur*<1u>sensor*
select low<>temperatur*<1u>alarm?
select low<>temperatur*<1u>sensor*
select motion?<2u>detect*
select motion?<2u>sensor*
select perimeter?<2u>protect*
select perimeter?<2u>sensor*
select security<2u>(cctv or closed<>circuit<>(tv? or television?))
select security<2u>(keycard? or card?)<1u>access*
select security<2u>badge?<1u>access*
select security<2u>device?
select security<2u>maint* and cat:42,63,67,j,n
select security<2u>monitor* and cat:42,63,67,j,n
select security<2u>system? and cat:42,63,67,j,n
select security<2u>upgrad? and cat:42,63,67,j,n
select security<2u>video?
select video?<1u>surveillance
select window?<1u>alarm?
select window?<1u>sensor*
select wireless<1u>alarm?

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Screenprinting Services

restrict cat:72,73,75,76,78,82,83,84,85,99,s,t,r
select (screenprint* or screen?<>print*)<2u>(servic* or svc?)
select (screenprint* or screen?<>print*)<2u>stencil?
select (silkscreen* or silk<>screen*)<2u>(servic* or svc?)
select (silkscreen* or silk<>screen*)<2u>stencil?
select apparel<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select apparel<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select apparel?<2u>sublimation
select apron?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select apron?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select cloth*<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select cloth*<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select cloth*<2u>sublimation
select custom*<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select custom*<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select direct<2u>ublimation
select fabric*<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select fabric*<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select garment*<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select garment*<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select garment?<2u>sublimation
select logo?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select logo?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select pants<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select pants<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select polyester?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select polyester?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select promotional?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select promotional?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select screen*<1u>print*<2u>(servic* or svc?)
select shirt?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select shirt?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select sport<>wear?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select sport?<>wear?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select sublimation<2u>(service? or svc?)
select sublimation<2u>print*
select sweatshirt?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select sweatshirt?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select textile?<2u>(screenprint* or screen<>print*)
select textile?<2u>(silk<>screen* or silkscreen*)
select ti:(screenprint* or screen?<>print*)
select ti:(silkscreen* or silk<>screen*)
select transfer*<2u>sublimation

See also: Promotional Items

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restrict not cat:q,65-68
select (art? or artist* or artwork)<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select (road? or roadway?)<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select (trail? or trailhead?)<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select (wayfind* or way<>find*)<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select advertis*<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select airfield<1u>(sign? or signage)
select exit<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select exterior<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select interior<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select install*<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select led<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select manufactur*<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select reflect*<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select replac*<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select stair*<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select ti:(sign? or signage?) and cat:,f,k,n,74-99
select traffic?<1u>(sign? or signage?)
select transportation?<1u>(sign? or signage?)

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Six Sigma

restrict cat:r,u
select !DMADV
select !DMAIC
select black<>belt?
select continuous<1u>improv*
select copis<1u>analy*
select cost<1u>reduc*
select eliminat*<1u>(defect* or waste)
select error<1u>proofing
select excess*<1u>inventor*
select improv*<1u>efficienc*
select kaizen
select kanban
select lean<1>manag*
select lean<1>sigma
select lean<1u>consult*
select lean<1u>manufactur*
select lean<1u>thinking
select lean<1u>transform*
select performance?<1u>improv*
select process*<1u>capabilit*<1u>stud*
select process*<1u>improv*
select process*<1u>mapping
select qualit*<1u>improv*
select quality<1u>manag*
select reduc*<1u>overtime
select reduc*<1u>process*<1u>varia*
select reduc*<1u>waste
select sipoc<1u>analy*
select six<>sigma

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Snow and Ice Removal

select cat:s and salting
select cat:s and title:snow
select ice<2u>(plow or plowing)
select ice<2u>(treat* or pretreat*)
select ice<1u>clean*
select ice<2u>clear*
select ice<1u>control
select ice<2u>plow*
select ice<2u>push*
select ice<2u>remov*
select ice<2u>salt*
select ice<2u>sand*
select ice<2u>shovel*
select salt*<2u>(service? or svc?)
select salt*<2u>plow*
select snow<2u>(plow or plowing)
select snow<2u>(treat* or pretreat*)
select snow<2u>clean*
select snow<2u>clear*
select snow<2u>control
select snow<2u>plow*
select snow<2u>push*
select snow<2u>remov*
select snow<2u>salt*
select snow<2u>sand*
select snow<2u>shovel*

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Sports Equipment

select air<>hockey?
select base<>ball? or baseball?
select basketball? or basket<>ball?
select batting<>cage?
select batting<>glove?
select batting<>helmet?
select billiard?<1u>(equip* or suppl*)
select billiard?<1u>ball?
select billiard?<1u>table?
select boules
select bowling<>ball?
select bowling<>pin?
select catcher?<>helmet?
select catcher?<>mitt?
select climbing<>wall?
select competition*<1u>flying<1u>(disk? or disc?)
select cricket<1u>(equip* or suppl*)
select cricket<1u>ball?
select cricket<1u>bat?
select cricket<1u>net?
select dodgeball? or dodge<>ball?
select exercise<>ball?
select field<1u>hockey
select foot<>ball? or football?
select frisbee?
select golf<>ball?
select golf<>club?
select golf<>iron?
select golf<>putter?
select handball? or hand<>ball?
select hockey<1u>(equip* or suppl*)
select hockey<>puck?
select hockey<>stick?
select hockey<>table?
select hockey?<1u>glove?
select hockey?<1u>pad?
select hockey?<1u>protect*
select hockey?<1u>skate?
select ice<>hockey?
select inline<1u>hockey
select jumprope? or jump<>rope?
select jungle<>gym
select korfball? or korf<>ball?
select lacross?
select lawn<1u>bowl*
select medicine<>ball?
select neck<>guard?
select racquetball? or racquet<>ball?
select rink<1u>hockey
select roller<1u>hockey
select roller<>skate? or rollerskate?
select rugby
select shin<>guard?
select soccer*
select soft<>ball? or softball?
select sport?<1u>(equip* or suppl*)
select tabletennis or table<>tennis
select tennis<1u>ball?
select tennis<1u>racquet?
select tetherball?
select volley<>ball? or volleyball?
select water<>polo<1u>ball?
select wrestling<>mat?

See also: Athletic & Fitness Equipment

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Stone Hauling Services

ignore little<>rock
select (riprap? or rip<>rap?)<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select (riprap? or rip<>rap?)<2u>(haul or hauling)
select (riprap? or rip<>rap?)<2u>(truck or trucking)
select (riprap? or rip<>rap?)<2u>transport*
select (soil? or topsoil?)<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select (soil? or topsoil?)<2u>(haul or hauling)
select (soil? or topsoil?)<2u>(truck or trucking)
select (soil? or topsoil?)<2u>transport*
select aggregate?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select aggregate?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select aggregate?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select aggregate?<2u>transport*
select asphalt?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select asphalt?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select asphalt?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select asphalt?<2u>transport*
select clay?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select clay?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select clay?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select clay?<2u>transport*
select concrete?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select concrete?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select concrete?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select concrete?<2u>transport*
select gravel?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select gravel?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select gravel?<2u>transport*
select gravelsand?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select hauling<1u>trucking
select rock?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select rock?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select rock?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select rock?<2u>transport*
select salt?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select salt?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select salt?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select salt?<2u>transport*
select sand?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select sand?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select sand?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select sand?<2u>transport*
select stone?<1u>(delivery or delivering)
select stone?<2u>(haul or hauling)
select stone?<2u>(truck or trucking)
select stone?<2u>transport*

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